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VOL 3 Release Date: October 12,  2004
last updated: Sep 27, 2004 

We are all very excited to hear about the coming release of Invader Zim on DVD. Here is a section collecting all information on this release. Think of it as a pseudo-FAQ until more concrete details are discovered. Anything mentioned here is subject to change! Below are articles, questions and answers, and responses from key-players in Invader Zim and the DVD crew (Media-Blaster's Anime Works). If you find any more information, send it this way, along with a source, and we'll add it to the lot! We thank all of Media-Blasters, especially Merideth Mulroney, for being so kind and working with the fanbase.


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SamGoody.com $24.95
Suncoast.com $24.95
MediaPlay.com $24.95

*prices are subject to change, as of 6/17/04 they are correct.

>>DVD Specs

Vol 3
Horrible Holiday Cheer

Release Date:  10/12/2004 
Number of Discs:  2 
Number of Episodes:  9 
Running Time:  225 mins 
Retail Price:  $24.95 

Prepare yourself for some Irken yuletide goodness as Zim concludes its triumphant DVD release. Featuring the uncut release of THE MOST HORRIBLE CHRISTMAS EVER and the highly sought after "unaired" season two episodes, Zim fans will finally get what they've been waiting for.

Watch Zim eat waffles while a pair of backseat drivers make trouble from beyond the stars. See Mortos steal souls as a Fry cook appears from all that space. Yes boys and girls, there is a Santa... and he's bent on world domination!

Vol 2
Progressive Stupidity

Release Date:  8/31/2004 
Discs:  1 
Episodes:  17 
Running Time:  225 minutes 
Retail Price:  $24.95

Fortunately for Earth, he's a cosmically inept fool! But this Invader has more to deal with than that so-called, self-proclaimed protector of our planet, Dib. The path to conquest is paved with hazardous challenges which include all of the prickly, meat-flavored horrors that Earth has to offer. Zim must outwit Mall Security, endure the terror of Bloaty's Pizza Hog, and defeat the evil of space babies.

Vol 1
Doom Doom Doom

Release Date:  5/11/2004 
Discs:  2 
Episodes:  17 
Running Time:  270 minutes 
Retail Price:  $24.95

List of episodes and commentary currently known:
Unaired Pilot Episode (a half-length short starring Billy West of Futurama as Zim) - Commentary with Jhonen Vasquez (Zim Creator, Head Writer, Art Direction) 
The Nightmare Begins - Commentary with Rikki Simons (Voice Actor - Gir and Color Artist), Wally Wingert (Voice Actor) and Jhonen Vasquez 
Bestest Friend - Commentary with Rikki Simmons, Ian Graham (Storyboard Artist) and Jhonen Vasquez 
NanoZIM - Commentary with Rikki Simmons and Jhonen Vasquez 
Parent Teacher Night - Commentary with Rikki Simmons and Jhonen Vasquez 
Walk of Doom - Commentary with Rikki Simmons and Jhonen Vasquez 
Dark Harvest - Commentary with Eric Trueheart (Writer and Various Voices) and Jhonen Vasquez 
Attack of the Saucer Morons - Commentary with Eric Trueheart, Rikki Simmons and Jhonen Vasquez 
Career Day 
Planet Jackers - Commentary with Rikki Simmons and Jhonen Vasquez 
Rise of the Zitboy - Commentary with Eric Trueheart, Rikki Simmons and Jhonen Vasquez 
Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain - Commentary with Rikki Simmons and Jhonen Vasquez 
Bad Bad Rubber Piggy - Surprise Commentary! 
A Room with a Moose - Commentary with Rikki Simmons and Jhonen Vasquez 
Hamstergeddon - Commentary with Eric Trueheart, Ian Graham, Rikki Simmons and Jhonen Vasquez

(from: tvshowsondvd.com)

>>Official Articles


New York City (November 06, 2003) – AnimeWorks is ready to rain down Zim’s doom upon the heads of animation fans everywhere with its release of Jhonen Vasquez’s Invader Zim. Anime fans have been screaming for this DVD release since Zim first aired on Nickelodeon in 2001 and now it’s finally here. Coming Spring 2004 will be the first of three double disc sets and a limited edition boxed set which promises to send fans’ blood racing through their veins like giant radioactive rubber pants. The pants command them! Invader Zim currently airs on Nicktoons, Nickelodeon’s digital home for animated hits.

“We at Media Blasters are thrilled to add Invader Zim to our powerful line-up, and expect it to be one of our flagship titles in 2004,” said John Sirabella, CEO of Media Blasters. “Zim has created quite a fan buzz in the anime community and we know that it will be a huge sensation!”

From the inventive mind of comic book creator Jhonen Vasquez, and co-executive produced by animation veteran Mary Harrington, Invader Zim focuses on a paranoid alien named Zim from planet Irk who believes he is at the forefront of a sinister plan of galactic conquest. Jhonen Vasquez is famous for such fan favorite comics as Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, SQUEE!, and I Feel Sick.

AnimeWorks is a division of Media Blasters. INVADER ZIM will be released in early Spring of 2004.

Nickelodeon, now in its 24th year, is the number-one entertainment brand for kids. It has built a diverse, global business by putting kids first in everything it does. The company includes television programming and production in the United States and around the world, plus consumer products, online, recreation, books, magazines and feature films. Nickelodeon’s U.S. television network is seen in more than 86 million households and has been the number-one-rated basic cable network for more than eight consecutive years. Nickelodeon and all related titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.

For further info please visit: www.media-blasters.com

Press link:


From Jhonen Vasquez:

Jhonen Vasquez here,
I'm as surprised as anyone to hear about the show getting an actual release, and even more surprised that it would be through a place better known for anime. I'm on the ZIM-is-not-anime team, by the way, what with me being a Mexican guy who didn't set out to make anything Japanesey.

On the subject off unaltered episodes being seen instead of altered ones, I hope you will all contact the people behind the dvd's and scream at them to use the original version of the Christmas episode (the most horrible christmas ever), and not the screwy edited version that was shown on the telly. The altered version changed some voices, killed some pretty cool okes, and added "nice" music where there was supposed to be some ridiculous metal guitars over ZIM talking like a pro-wrestler. This was done by trained professionals who were not me.

You guys are the fans, and you should see the version I wanted you to get in the first place, not one changed to make "more sense" to you.

Christmas is the one you've gotta make some noise about.

thanks all.

Jhonen Vasquez

Newsgroup link:

From Frank Pannone to various Moosers:

In response to Rasputin:

Dear Rasputin,

Thanks so much for writing me.

As far as how is concerned, the CEO is, at heart, a fan of lots of good entertainment. We have all kinds of labels. We put out horror films, cult films, Japanese and Hong Kong action and now we're branching into American animation.

John Sirabella had a list of cool TV shows that he wanted to acquire and Zim was at the top of the list. He contacted Nickelodeon and it was a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Everything fell into place.

I'm so psyched to see that Jhonen Vasquez isn't so burnt out on Zim to take an interest. We have already sent requests to Nick for all the stuff to be uncut. I'm not sure if we'll be able to get everything uncut, but we're going to try really hard. Nick is going to contact Jhonen for us to see if he will be willing to contribute to the extras. If that falls through, one of my comic industry contacts has given me his e-mail addy and I will contact him personally.

Merideth is a huge fan of Zim and JTHM and she has made me a fan too. I love the self deprecating stabs he takes at goths in JTHM (being that I hang with many people in that scene here in NYC)

The boxed set will be unique and we're trying to make it more than a printed box.

You can be sure that I'll give Zim the same love that I gave Alien Nine when I worked back at CPM...the only difference here is we'll be able to take things even further!

Frank Pannone
Production Coordinator, Media Blasters
(212)868-0991 ext. 258 

In response to Gim:
[Dear Gim,]

I'm afraid that I'm going to have to be vague with you on these questions because right now we are just setting up production.

We are trying to get a number of special features that will involve key players in Zim. We have requested lots of cool people because so many cool people are involved with Zim. I can't confirm any of it because the interviews and/or running commentary and /or other special features have not been recorded as of yet.

The boxed set will be available after all the DVDs have been released as a direct pre-order only. It will be something very special. Less a box and more a piece of art. If you've seen some of Merideth's other boxes, you'll know what I mean. Check out the Rurouni Kenshin or Samurai Deeper Kyo boxes as examples...and then imagine her going even more wild.

We have requested the closed caption scripts...I can't confirm if they will be on the discs at this early stage.

Sorry that I had to be so vague.

Frank Pannone
Production Coordinator, Media Blasters


>>Question and Answer

From Joshua Lane at AnimatedBliss.com:

ZIM: Interview w/ Media Blasters
posted by joshualane - November 11 2003 - 9:24pm
Merideth Mulroney (Chief Designer at Media Blasters) was kind enough to answer some questions about the upcoming Invader Zim DVD release so let's get right to it:

Q: What was it about Invader Zim that made Media Blasters decide to go after the home video license? And who in MB first brought it up?

Actually I brought Zim to John's attention [John Sirabella, President of Media Blasters]. John had watched the show with his daughter but wasn't aware of the popularity with anime fans. My friends had turned me onto Zim and when I realized the extent of the fan base I jumped on it :)

Q: Was Nickelodeon responsive to the idea and will they be having any input into the DVD release?

They were surprised that we had an interest and became very responsive when we showed them that a market did exist for it. Since Nick doesn't really work with the cult and fan market they were happy to give us a shot.

Q: For the release, the PR says "three double disc sets and a limited edition boxed set"... will the box set be available separately or will there be a volume w/ box option at all? And is there a price-point yet for these releases?

There will be three double disc sets. The box will be offered once all three sets are out. There will be a limited number of boxes, say either five to seven thousand (we haven't decided yet). These will be pre-order only and come with additional extras (these haven't been solidified yet). The price hasn't been set yet due to the... unusual nature of this box. We are debating two designs right now (one is a stuffed pig the other Zim's house ::pictures coming soon::), we have to figure out which is the best way to go so a lot is still up in the air.

Q: It has been mentioned that a few of the Invader Zim episodes that aired were edited from their originals by Nickelodeon. Does MB have the unedited versions of these eps and if not, is Nick willling to provide those to you?
We are trying to get the uncut episodes (we already have the unaired ones). Nick has been great about hunting down materials, it just takes some time since everything was archived in L.A.

Q: Has Media Blasters given any thought to getting the Invader Zim creators/producers/directors (Jhonen Vasquez, Steve Ressel, etc) involved with the release by way of special features, commentaries, etc.?
Again we are trying. We want everyone in the cast involved, but it's up to them. This DVD release is about giving Zim the treatment is so rightly deserves. I know that sounds cheesy, but I love Zim and want it to be done right.

Q: Lastly, if Invader Zim proves successful for Media Blasters, will you consider licensing more animated shows from Nickelodeon and/or other companies?

Definitely. It's good to have connections to companies like Nick. If the opportunity comes along we usually go for it. There are a lot of cool shows I'd like to see on DVD. But only time will tell, Hopefully Zim will be a success and perhaps... lead to something... larger ^_^

Interview link:


Questions posed by the RWaM Staff (as answered by Merideth Mulroney):

Q: Any idea on what the interval of release will be between the three Double DVDs, and then the Box Set?

The DVD should only have a month between each release. We might space it to two, that will give us more time to work on the extras for each disc (want them to kick ass). The Special box will be a pre-order deal offered at the time of the final release. This will be a limited run say 5 to 7 thousand. It will either be Zim's house or a stuffed pig. I have already built a test the house (it's currently sitting at Nickelodeon) and the pig is based on a toy my friend made of GIR's little piggy (pictures will come soon). After that a more normal box set will probably happen. But that release is still undecided. Both boxes will come with a 4th disc of extras.

Q: Will there be any advantages to buying the Double DVD releases individually, or will everything there also be included in the box set?

The special Box will not be sold with the discs. it will the box itself and the extras disc. I don't think most Zim fans could wait that long anyway.. I couldn't. ^_^.

Q: Any estimates on the price ranges of the products?

I belive the double sets will $29.95, but it may go lower. The special boxes are undetermined right now.. I have to wait for pricing on the boxes to come in.

Q: Where will it be available for purchase? (Both online retailers and physical stores? etc...)

The DVD's will be in EVERY major Retail outlet and online store. The Speical box will only be through us though..it will be to expense and large for retailers.

Q: Can we pre-order now? =)

I get that question from everyone. Not yet. We don't have anything ready in our system, but the minute you can I'll post it.

Q: Is possible that the Pilot (or 3D Test) episode will be included?

I already asked for it. I asked for EVERYTHING!!! Animatics, audio only episodes, Interviews, TV Spots.. you name it I've put in for it. Nick is currently hunting down all the stuff for us. Once I have more details I'll let you know.

Q: The boxes sound great. You mentioned a "normal box"; would that be a non-limited release that still includes the final extra disc?

Yeah.. A digipack thing (like transformers or futurama). The special box will cost more and only really appeals to collectors like us :P They rest can still get the extra disc but they don't want to pay for nor do they care about a big box.

Q: Also, a "4th extra disc" reffered to. I assume the double DVD releases will be one disc of episodes, and one of extras if possible?

Each two disc set will have 6 (A and B part) episodes spanned across them. both should have extras.. not quite sure how it'll work, It depends on if people will do the interviews and commentaries I want. but all the disc should have good stuff on them.

Q: A lot of people, myself included, are surpised that the Limited boxes will contain no episode discs, so it will be necessary to buy the three double DVD releases, and then the box set to have everything. Are we understanding that correctly?

I didn't say the box will contain NO episodes.... I just called it an extras disc. Hopefully.... if we're lucky..... they will have the audio only episodes set to storyboards. and if we can get the contact.. some other cool stuff.. basically we have to wait until we have everything here, then we can space it across the discs accordingly. The reason this box will be sold separately is because of its complexity. I love making special boxes.. the last one I did was all wood with burned sides. The trick is getting a retailer to take an expensive item like this into a store. This could change and if retailers want it then the box will be in stores and sold lets say with either volume one or volume three inside. So it could change ( i'll let you know if it does).

Q: Have you acquired any concrete extras that you can talk about at this time?

It's all still being collected by Nick... They just emailed me saying they don't know what the 3-D test is. As soon as I know I'll drop you a line.

Questions Answered by Larb Poop, a Nickelodeon employee involved with the DVD project.
Q: How is it that the videos will not be watermarked with an annoying Nickelodeon logo?
The company that is doing them is getting all the content directly from us here at NAS.

Q: What will the quality of the videos be?
They will be perfect digital transfers at 1:1 from the Digibeta Masters.

Q: Pilot?!
The pilot will be there, yes.

Q: Will there be unedited episodes?
No, they will only be the ones that aired (in the case of Christmas and Door to Door).

Q: Extras?
Pencil tests, designs, script and audio of unproduced episodes and more.

Q: What about the 3D test?
It's not that we don't know about it, it's just that there has been some trouble tracking down the real and full upres'd version of it. Other avenues of getting that are being followed.

Q: What about animatics and storyboards?
Yes, all the animatics that were created are being provided. Offers, in fact, have been made to create animatics of those that did not get produced (but that storyboards/audio exist for). This is an outside shot as it will cost some money.

Since Animatics are being provided, it seems unlikely that the Storyboards would be provided and have not been requested. 

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